Silk and Jeans: An Unlikely Pair

Silk_Top_Jean_Skirt_Sophia_Pose 3
Blouse: Suzy Shier Skirt: Thrifted Shoes: H&M

I’m the type of person to wear black all the time, because it’s easy to wear and style. Lately, I’ve come to the realisation that bright colours look great on dark skin. I know I’m not the first one to come to this conclusion, but this has been really helping me decide what to wear.

So I’ve decided to buy more colour and less black. Enter the silk blouse. This isn’t the first thing to come in mind when people say “casual outfit”, but that’s what I decided to wear that morning. I love silk, but it’s not worn a lot by everyday people and is usually saved for a special occasion. I decided to challenge that by wearing it with my favorite jean skirt to tone down the look.

XOXO Sophia


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