Finally Fall



Top and Jacket: Thrifted  Pants: Suzy Shier Shoes: Converse


As a person who really loves summer, it’s hard for me to dress for fall. But I have decided to put in my full effort this year. I’ve been reading up on a tone styling tips for the season and it’s really been helping.

I decided to play with texture with this outfit. Even though I’m wearing all black, you can see the difference because the textiles are playing with each other in a sense. If I wear to pair this shirt with my run of the mill black jeans, this outfit would seem flat.

Alternatively, you can pair leather with a knit sweater. When playing with texture think: “opposites attract”. You want them to complement each other. You could even do silk and leather (a little less common but it could work). A great texture to think about this season is velvet. It’s supper soft and brings definition to outfits. Fall is a great time to try heavier textiles and materials you couldn’t wear during summer.

XOXO Sophia


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