Rewearing Outfits: a fashion delema


When I was high school, I always took pride that I never wore an outfit twice. I thought it was a great way of getting creative with the things in closet (and boy did I). I was convinced that wearing the same outfit twice was a fashion faux-pas. Today, that’s not the case. Yet, there’s a part of me that wonders why a lot of people are convinced that wearing an outfit again and again will make them look bad?

This isn’t the first time that I’ve had this thought. I remember watching an episode of Fashion Television and they too were wondering why wearing an outfit twice was frowned upon, in the community. A lot of the people that they interviewed seemed to not have a problem with it, but most of them wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing the same thing. Why the contradiction?

I the biggest reason I can think of is fast fashion. The fashion industry is not one of sustainability. It’s constantly trying to push the idea that you need whatever new collection or piece that they come out with. That’s why they spent most of their money on marketing. They want to make as much profit as possible, as any corporation would. So they mass produce everything and if they don’t sell anything, that’s bad on their end. We as consumers know that we’re being marketed to, but somehow fall for their ads most of the time. Fashion has become more about how many things you can buy to keep up with trends and less about style.

In this time of influencers and Instagram models, it feels like no one has ever seen them wear the same outfit twice. Social media has created this idea that wearing the same outfit isn’t fashion forward. Now I’m not saying that you should disconnect from social media, nor is it the influencers fault. I just think we should be more worry about what we see (which is easier said than done). The truth is people always look up to them


The truth is there is nothing wrong with re-wearing the same outfit, but the fashion community has turned it into unwritten rule of style (along with never wear white after labor day and pink and red should never be worn together). It’s really just a matter of breaking this rule and getting away from it. When you think about it, as long as something is clean and not worn out, what’s the harm?

XOXO Sophia




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