5 Tips for Purging your Closet

I’m a little late on this, since I usually clean out my closet at the beginning of fall and don’t do it again until spring. But I figured hey it’s never to late to clean out your closet. It really helps to keep my closet to a minimum and it does help me get dressed in the morning.

Closet Purge

This is the first thing I do when I’m starting out a purge. Having an empty closet not only feels like a clean start, but it also feels like I’m clearing out my mind. With everything on laying on my bed, I can go through pieces one by one without having to think about organising my closet yet.

Closet Purge_Image_2

Now you don’t have to go over the top with this. Having a system helps you keep track of everything you have. I like to have a simple system: keep, maybe, get rid of. It’s a simple one, but it works.

Closet Purge_Image_3

Thanks to my filing system the next step will take only a few minutes. A lot of people say to try on everything in your closet, but that can take a long time. So only going through my “maybe” pile helps decide whether or not I want to keep it or get rid of it if it no longer fits.

Closet Purge_Image_4

This might seem obvious like getting rid of that t-shirt you haven’t worn in 5 years, but sometimes it may be that skirt you wore once because you had nothing to wear and you only put it on once every season as a last resort. Trust me, it’s not worth keeping. Once you get rid of it you most likely won’t think about it ever again.

Closet Purge_Image_5

Are you the type of person to put your clothes in where ever in your closet as long as it fits? Wee I know for a fact that you’re probably losing a lot of time looking through your stuff looking for something to wear and then getting tired searching so you wear the same thing. Well organising your clothes in specific order helps you see everything you have. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe to keep track.

Purging out your closet can take a good part of your day, but once it’s done you can maximise your closet. If you’ve never cleaned out your closet, maybe it’s time to get rid of your dark past and have a fresh start. Good luck!

XOXO Sophia


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