4 Things that are Ruining your Skin

After spending months trying to figure what works and doesn’t for my skin, I realized that there are somethings that nobody should never be doing in regards to their skin, no matter who you are.

Using Hot Water

This isn’t something we all think about, because we tend to think that water is water. But hot water does affect your face. It can keep your pores open. If you use it to rinse your face, large pores can get in the way of you getting clear skin.

Not Washing your makeup brushes 

I think we’re all guilty of this. Cleaning makeup brushes may feel like a daunting task, but there’s a lot of benefits than just having better looking makeup. If you go a while without cleaning your brushes, bacteria can grow and transfer onto your face. This may be what’s causing break-outs. If you don’t have the time to clean them every night, the least you can do is clean them at the end of the week.


Having a consistent Skin care routine

With all this hype around skin care products, it’s easy to get lost and want to try all of them. Your skin on the other doesn’t want to try a million new things. It’s really sensitive and needs time to get used to whatever you’re using. It’s best to take some time and do some research on a product before using it on your skin.

Using Expired Products 

You know that product that got rave reviews and seems to actually work for your skin type. Well you might want to slow down and look at the production date. This is very different from an expiring date, because it tells you when a something was made. A good rule of thumb to know if your stuff is expired is never keep anything that goes on your face for more than a year.

XOXO Sophia




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