How to be Productive from Home like an Expert

Since, I’m now on winter break, I still have personal work to do from home and that can sometimes be distracting. I’ve been trying out different ways to make working from home a little easier without having to create a stuffy and restricting experience.

Set a morning routine

If you go straight to working right after you get out of bed, your brain might not be ready yet to do anything. Having a morning routine similar to the one you would use if you were going to work or school can really help with productivity. It’s even better if you write down your routine this way you can follow through with it more quickly.

Get Dressed

This is one of my favorite ways of staying productive. Being in sweats and pyjamas can sometimes wear me down or make me feel drab. So putting a cute outfit together helps me feel good on the inside. You can take this even further by putting on some makeup to feel even more put together.

Change your environment 

Are you used to working in your room all day? Well that may be the problem. I myself love staying in all the time, but sometimes you need a change in pace. Working somewhere like the kitchen or the living room can totally help, because it’s less stuffy. Plus, the change can brighten up your mood.

Turn on some music 

This might seem a little controversial, because people say that music can be distracting and can make you too agitated to work. The thing is there’s more than just energetic music to listen too. I suggest putting on some slow music while working or songs with no lyrics. As long as it can be used as white noise and not have to work in complete silence, anything goes.

Try some of these things out and tell me if they worked for you.

XOXO Sophia


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