Stop You’re Making Me Blush


It’s no secret that I hate winter. I’m more of a spring/ summer type of person, but I’ve decided to turn that around by adding pieces that make it a little more bearable. That includes this beautiful sweater from Sirens. The fact that it’s blush pink is a big plus, because as soon as the temperature drops everyone turns to dark colors.


Even better is the detail of the sleeves. This has been a big trend lately. Sleeves are changing from a part of the shirt that keep your arms warm to big fashion statements.  The tie detail is just enough to make it stand out. It’s something that really caught my eye.


To complete this outfit, I pulled out an oldie, but a goodie: a pair of leather paints I bought from H&M a few years ago. After cleaning my closet, I found them and ironed them out. They were just like new.

QOTD:: How do you feel about winter?

XOXO Sophia


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