2017 in Review: A Life Update

Hold on to your seats kids, because this post is going to be a long one (I don’t blame you if you want to “read ahead”). I’m not the type of person who usually reflects on the past nor do I set new years resolutions (seeing as they don’t last very long, I’m more into short-term goals since they tend to be more tangible).But I still wanted to give you guys an update on things. So, here’s a look back on the mess that was 2017 and my outlook of 2018.


In 2017, I lived a lot of highs and lows. Throughout it I learned: 

  1. Sometimes it’s better to let go than hold on to something dead.
  2. Failure is inevitable and even when it seems like everything is going well it will happen, but it’s important to get back on your feet.
  3. People can tell you what to do and give you advice, but you always have the final word.
  4. You can always start over whenever you want. It can even be the middle of the day.
  5. It’s okay to have no idea what you’re doing, because turns out nobody else does either.
  6. Honing a craft takes times. You don’t have to be good at it now. Take your time and be patient.
  7. Say no. It may be hard at first, but you will learn to say it.
  8. Everybody starts from nothing. You have to work hard to grow what it is you want.
  9. Somethings you have to do alone. Sure help is always great, but sometimes that’s not possible.
  10. Take time for yourself. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes.


The Future of this Blog

If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ve noticed that I stopped posting mid-way through December. That’s because I was feeling unsatisfied with my posts and they felt half-assed to be honest with you. So I decided to delete the drafts I had and came up with some new concepts.

For this year, I want to go out of my comfort zone to create even better content that I know people will love to read. This also includes taking better pictures that has an aesthetic that I’ve always loved. Since I’m growing up, I want my blog to document what I’m going through.



My personal Resolutions (I’m almost done I swear)

As I said before, I’m not big on year-long resolutions, but I do have goals I want to achieve that  don’t include going to the gym and drinking more water. 2017 was a horrible year (for everyone except Cardi B) and it felt like my emotions were all over the place (my highs were high and my lows were really low).

So I decided to take things slow this year. I figured it would help me be more in the moment, instead of constantly worrying about things a few months down the line that may or may not happen. Plus, I want to be able to remember things, instead of everything feeling like a blur.

That’s about it for me. What are you plans for 2018?

XOXO Sophia


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