3 Least Common Self-Care Activities

If you’ve ever been on social media, you’ve noticed that there’s been a growth of self-care tips and skin care regiments. That’s all good and well, but most of those things have to do with pampering and lacks many different ways one can take care of themselves.


Getting Mental Help

Taking care of your mental health is vastly over looked. Everybody tends to lie and they’re fine and to a certain point we say it so much that we don’t realise something’s wrong. Nobody realises that just going to see a therapist at least once in your life can make a big difference.


Five minutes of exercise

I think Elle Woods said it best: “Excercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”. Though this quote might seem ridiculous in this context, she does have a point. Excercise helps concentration and brings up moral. Whether it be a walk around the neighborhood or some yoga poses next to your desk. The little things help a lot.


Clean things out of your life

I think we all have trouble letting go of things and that’s a big problem. Not to sound like a spiritual guide or anything, but material things tend to clutter our lives and take too much space in what we think is important. When you let go of things, you’ll feel like a weights been lifted.

I hope these tips help you feel better!

XOXO Sophia


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