Shaving My Head

So I decided to start march with a bang, by shaving my head. It’s been something I’ve been wanting of do for months, but been putting off because the moment wasn’t right. finally I decided that there was never a right time to do anything than the present(not to sound cheesy) and chopped it all off.

I know to most people it may seem stupid because somehow having long hair is linked to being a woman (which makes no sense to me and never did to tell you the truth). On the other hand, I don’t have to fit into any box people put me in. I can just be who I want to be.


Please note that I do know that many women (especially black women) shave their hair to start a hair journey or to find themselves (and apparently because of “Black Panther”) . I’m not doing it for either of those reasons, I did it for the heck of doing it.


People’s reaction to my new hair style has been really positive. Their reaction is usually shock followed by a compliment and an influx of questions (considering that there aren’t many women with shaved heads). The only person who had a bad reaction to i t was my mother, but it’s slowly growing on her.

XOXO Sophia


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