How Fashion Helped Me Build my Confidence


I know that a lot of people shit on the fashion industry for giving people unrealistic standards and making them feel bad about themselves (not saying it doesn’t help perpetuate unhealthy habits). Well I have a confession to make: Fashion has actually helped me with my confidence. Growing up I always thought I wasn’t pretty enough (and it didn’t help that I was made fun of a lot).


It wasn’t until I started reading magazines like Seventeen and learning about big designers did I really want to invest into the way I looked. 12-year-old me slowly started coming out of her shell and didn’t need to hide behind a hoodies as much. Suddenly, things felt like it was in the right direction, because I felt good about myself.


What really helped me not get sucked into the part of the fashion industry that told girls they weren’t skinny enough? Finding blogs and people who worked in the industry that I could relate to. That was really a groundbreaking find for me.

XOXO Sophia


3 thoughts on “How Fashion Helped Me Build my Confidence

  1. Haha yasss gurl! Why do you like I especially like wearing ties aka those posh formal things ppl wear to make an impression? Cuz they give me confidence. That, and fashion in general. Keep it up!!


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