An Evaluation of this Year (… So Far)


Well it’s finally June, which means that half of the year is gone. So I’ve decided to take a look back at the year so far. I feel that it’s the best way to hold myself accountable with my goals and staying consistent with my blog.


My Original Goals

In my first post of the year, I set out a few goals for this blog including take better picture and write posts that I wanted to people to enjoy. How did that go? Well the good news is, I’ve at least accomplished some of these.  I have been able to improve when it comes to my photography (especially when it comes to lighting and editing).

I’ve been feeling really good about what I’ve been posting since, I’ve been branching out into different topics on my blog. It’s really hard for me to open up to people. So to write about personal topics between posts exclusively about my outfits feels good. I want to continue doing that by going deeper.

The only things that’s been bothering me a lot and I know you guys most likely noticed is my lack of new posts. It’s been really hard for me to keep up with this blog, because my attention was else where (mainly school). I’ve been on vacation since May and I’ve still haven’t been able to get a good sleep schedule going (even as I’m writing this, it’s currently 4 AM and I’ve been up for hours).

I’m really trying my best to get back on track with everything and feel like a normal human being (well my version of normal anyway).


New Blog Goals

Since my original goals are sort of being met and I’m still trying to regulate my sleep schedule, I’ve decided to try to blog once a week. Occasionally (on a good week), I’ll try to post twice a week. I really want to be more consistent with this blog and right now that’s really hard for me.

I still want to continue to improve my photography skills, but most importantly, my editing. The fact that it’s inconsistent has been bothering a lot since, …well since the beginning of this blog, really.  Last month, I started testing out different presets. I haven’t decided on one yet, but when I do, I’ll be using it on all my pictures.

My last goal is going to make blogger friends. Blogging can be fun and rewarding. Sadly, it can be very discouraging as well. It’s always  nice to have a friend who’s in the same boat as you that you can share experiences. I’m trying to make an effort to build a community or family (or whatever you want to call it).

Anyways, I have a bunch of blog posts lined up that need to be worked on. How’s your year been going so far?

XOXO Sophia


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