Styling something I haven’t worn in a While

2018-08-10 09.56.44 1.jpg

2018-08-10 09.56.48 1.jpg

2018-08-10 09.56.53 1.jpg2018-08-10 10.06.42 1.jpg

After being inspires by so many outfit looks, I decided to give this blouse another chance. I really love the idea of taking a nice piece and styling it for everyday wear. And after wearing it all day, I can safely say, I’m not in love with this shirt as much as I would like to be.

I now remember why I originally wanted to get rid it. It makes me feel frumpy and I don’t like the neckline. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bell sleeve, but to be honest this shirt doesn’t do it for me like it used to. So now I can get rid of it and try to find a blouse with a better fit.

XOXO Sophia