4 Things that are Ruining your Skin

4 Things that are Ruining your Skin

After spending months trying to figure what works and doesn’t for my skin, I realized that there are somethings that nobody should never be doing in regards to their skin, no matter who you are.

Using Hot Water

This isn’t something we all think about, because we tend to think that water is water. But hot water does affect your face. It can keep your pores open. If you use it to rinse your face, large pores can get in the way of you getting clear skin.

Not Washing your makeup brushes 

I think we’re all guilty of this. Cleaning makeup brushes may feel like a daunting task, but there’s a lot of benefits than just having better looking makeup. If you go a while without cleaning your brushes, bacteria can grow and transfer onto your face. This may be what’s causing break-outs. If you don’t have the time to clean them every night, the least you can do is clean them at the end of the week.


Having a consistent Skin care routine

With all this hype around skin care products, it’s easy to get lost and want to try all of them. Your skin on the other doesn’t want to try a million new things. It’s really sensitive and needs time to get used to whatever you’re using. It’s best to take some time and do some research on a product before using it on your skin.

Using Expired Products 

You know that product that got rave reviews and seems to actually work for your skin type. Well you might want to slow down and look at the production date. This is very different from an expiring date, because it tells you when a something was made. A good rule of thumb to know if your stuff is expired is never keep anything that goes on your face for more than a year.

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5 Tips for Purging your Closet

5 Tips for Purging your Closet

I’m a little late on this, since I usually clean out my closet at the beginning of fall and don’t do it again until spring. But I figured hey it’s never to late to clean out your closet. It really helps to keep my closet to a minimum and it does help me get dressed in the morning.

Closet Purge

This is the first thing I do when I’m starting out a purge. Having an empty closet not only feels like a clean start, but it also feels like I’m clearing out my mind. With everything on laying on my bed, I can go through pieces one by one without having to think about organising my closet yet.

Closet Purge_Image_2

Now you don’t have to go over the top with this. Having a system helps you keep track of everything you have. I like to have a simple system: keep, maybe, get rid of. It’s a simple one, but it works.

Closet Purge_Image_3

Thanks to my filing system the next step will take only a few minutes. A lot of people say to try on everything in your closet, but that can take a long time. So only going through my “maybe” pile helps decide whether or not I want to keep it or get rid of it if it no longer fits.

Closet Purge_Image_4

This might seem obvious like getting rid of that t-shirt you haven’t worn in 5 years, but sometimes it may be that skirt you wore once because you had nothing to wear and you only put it on once every season as a last resort. Trust me, it’s not worth keeping. Once you get rid of it you most likely won’t think about it ever again.

Closet Purge_Image_5

Are you the type of person to put your clothes in where ever in your closet as long as it fits? Wee I know for a fact that you’re probably losing a lot of time looking through your stuff looking for something to wear and then getting tired searching so you wear the same thing. Well organising your clothes in specific order helps you see everything you have. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe to keep track.

Purging out your closet can take a good part of your day, but once it’s done you can maximise your closet. If you’ve never cleaned out your closet, maybe it’s time to get rid of your dark past and have a fresh start. Good luck!

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3 Tips to taking Better Pictures

3 Tips to taking Better Pictures

As a blogger, pictures make up half of my content. So to say that they’re important is an understatement. Since I’m taking a class on video production, I’ve already learned a lot about how different

Adjust the White Balance

This is the simplest thing you can do to improve an image. The white balance is adjusting is usually labeled AWB or just WB in your phone or camera. All you have to do is adjust it to the setting you’re in (e.g sunlight, fluorescent light, etc.). People overlook this and think I can edit the picture later so it can look a lot better. You can but after a while it becomes a pain in the ass to adjust when you can adjust this before hand.

Note: You can do the “white paper test”, by using something white to see if the image is properly balanced.

Take Pictures in Natural Sunlight

I know it may seem like the most obvious choice, but from time to time it does become tempting to take a picture at night. I remember doing this in my photography class last semester and though they seemed fine on the camera screen. Sadly, when it is time to edit most of them were blurry. and it really broke my heart.

The Rule of Thirds

We’ve all seen the grid function before and for the longest time, I had no idea what it was for. Well it’s actually pretty cool. It’s a guide to help you align your subject with the lines and make your picture more balanced. it’s a small thing but it makes a world of a difference.

The best way of getting

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Rewearing Outfits: a fashion delema


When I was high school, I always took pride that I never wore an outfit twice. I thought it was a great way of getting creative with the things in closet (and boy did I). I was convinced that wearing the same outfit twice was a fashion faux-pas. Today, that’s not the case. Yet, there’s a part of me that wonders why a lot of people are convinced that wearing an outfit again and again will make them look bad?

This isn’t the first time that I’ve had this thought. I remember watching an episode of Fashion Television and they too were wondering why wearing an outfit twice was frowned upon, in the community. A lot of the people that they interviewed seemed to not have a problem with it, but most of them wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing the same thing. Why the contradiction?

I the biggest reason I can think of is fast fashion. The fashion industry is not one of sustainability. It’s constantly trying to push the idea that you need whatever new collection or piece that they come out with. That’s why they spent most of their money on marketing. They want to make as much profit as possible, as any corporation would. So they mass produce everything and if they don’t sell anything, that’s bad on their end. We as consumers know that we’re being marketed to, but somehow fall for their ads most of the time. Fashion has become more about how many things you can buy to keep up with trends and less about style.

In this time of influencers and Instagram models, it feels like no one has ever seen them wear the same outfit twice. Social media has created this idea that wearing the same outfit isn’t fashion forward. Now I’m not saying that you should disconnect from social media, nor is it the influencers fault. I just think we should be more worry about what we see (which is easier said than done). The truth is people always look up to them


The truth is there is nothing wrong with re-wearing the same outfit, but the fashion community has turned it into unwritten rule of style (along with never wear white after labor day and pink and red should never be worn together). It’s really just a matter of breaking this rule and getting away from it. When you think about it, as long as something is clean and not worn out, what’s the harm?

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Finally Fall

Finally Fall



Top and Jacket: Thrifted  Pants: Suzy Shier Shoes: Converse


As a person who really loves summer, it’s hard for me to dress for fall. But I have decided to put in my full effort this year. I’ve been reading up on a tone styling tips for the season and it’s really been helping.

I decided to play with texture with this outfit. Even though I’m wearing all black, you can see the difference because the textiles are playing with each other in a sense. If I wear to pair this shirt with my run of the mill black jeans, this outfit would seem flat.

Alternatively, you can pair leather with a knit sweater. When playing with texture think: “opposites attract”. You want them to complement each other. You could even do silk and leather (a little less common but it could work). A great texture to think about this season is velvet. It’s supper soft and brings definition to outfits. Fall is a great time to try heavier textiles and materials you couldn’t wear during summer.

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Tied Shirt

Tied Shirt

20170920_151737 (2)

20170920_151723 (2)
Top: Sirens Pants: Garage Shoes: H&M

As you all may have noticed out by now, I love button down shirts. They make up most of my closet and I’m always looking for new ones to wear and new ways to wear them. This way to wear them isn’t new, but it isn’t something I wear often.

This shirt is an Olive green I decided to go with gold accessories and pink loafers. The ripped jeans gives this look a more toned down look and less stuffy.

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Off the Shoulder Top

Off the Shoulder Top


Shirt and shoes: H&M Pants: The Hudson’s Bay

After having gloomy weather for the past week, I thought I’ve seen the last of summer. I’m glad to say that was a false alarm since this past week has been super warm. I’ve decided to take advantage of this and wear every summer outfit I didn’t get to. Plus, since I’m in college this is the type of outfit I wouldn’t be allowed to wear in high school.

I decided to keep this outfit simple since I wanted the top to be the focus. Black pants makes the blue of this off the shoulder top pop a little more than if I were to pair it with white pants or blue jeans.

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